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Jiangsu Junyuan New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Rudong Economic Development Zone, Nantong, Jiangsu Province. The site area is 72 acres. The registered capital is 80 million RMB and the total investment will be 330 million RMB.

Junyuan built an about 50,000 m2 new production plant and purchased many high level professional production equipments. The company has already passed BV audit and got AS9100C:2009 aerospace quality management system certificate, Weapon equipment quality management system certificate and DIN 6701 adhesion quality system certificate.

     Junyuan specializes in studying and producing aramid honeycomb core products, honeycomb milling products with different irregular shape, sandwich structure honeycombs panel composite milling. Honeycomb sandwich structure products have excellent performances on mechanical strength, fire resistance, dielectric strength, thermo stability, fatigue-resistance, light weight, etc. It provides a perfect solution to replace traditional materials and reduce weight for energy conservation.

Now honeycomb composite products are widely used in the areas of aerospace, airplane, train, boat, shelter and military products. Junyuan honeycomb fire-resistant wall panel have become the main interior materials used in high speed train and plane. It plays a very important role in reducing.

Development history

Company mission

company purpose

continuous improvement- improve our products, improving service level

Satisfy the customer – listen to the customers and satisfy the customer’s demands

International quality- pursue excellent quality and create world brand


Etiquette integrity   people oriented  steadfast rigorous    fast and efficient

Brand concept 

Take technology as the power   Survive on quality

Qualification Certification


DIN 6701粘接认证-1.jpg                

AS9100C Certification

DIN6701 Adhesive Certification



National Army Standard Certification

Enterprise Standard


TBT 3237(蜂窝芯材)测试.jpg                

DIN 5510-2 Test

TB/T 3237(Honeycomb Core)Test


TBT 3237(蜂窝复合板)测试.jpg                

Flame Retardant Performace Test
for Aircraft Cabion Material
TB/T 3237(Honeycomb Composite Board)Test


EN 45545测试.jpg                


 EN 45545-2 Test

Forbidden & Restrict Harmful Substance Test
155 Items)

NFPA 130测试.jpg                

TBT 3139测试.jpg                

NFPA130 & ASTM E1354 Test

TB/T 3139 Test



Business License




High and New Tech EnterpriseJiangsu Private Technology Enterprise


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